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  1. Court Affirms First Amendment Rights of Panhandlers

    June 20, 2017Press releaseFree Speech
  2. ACLU of Louisiana Statement on Executive Order Concerning Lafayette Shooting Protests

    July 26, 2015Press releaseFree Speech, Rights of Protesters
  3. ACLU Urges City of Kenner to Rethink Ban on Political Signs

    August 26, 2015Press releaseFree Speech
  4. City of Abbeville Pays to Settle Lawsuit Over Restrictions on Social Media

    October 8, 2015Press releaseFree Speech
  5. First Amendment Lawsuit Challenges Louisiana’s Online Age-Verification Law

    November 4, 2015Press releaseFree Speech, Privacy & Technology
  6. Local groups and ACLU of Louisiana Sue Baton Rouge Police for First Amendment Violations at Alton Sterling Protest

    July 13, 2016Press releaseFree Speech, Police Practices, Rights of Protesters
  7. Federal Court Blocks Louisiana’s Online Age-Verification Law for Violating First Amendment

    October 10, 2016Press releaseFree Speech, Privacy & Technology
  8. Slidell Residents Sue to Block Panhandling Permit Requirement

    December 20, 2016Press releaseFree Speech
  9. Slidell Agrees to Temporary Suspension of Panhandling Ordinance

    January 11, 2017Press releaseFree Speech
  10. ACLU of Louisiana Sues to Protect Right to Photograph Police

    March 29, 2017Press releasePolice Practices, Free Speech, Privacy & Technology