An update on our Justice Lab initiative to put racist policing on trial

Please note: in this post we will be discussing anti-Black racism and police brutality. Please only read if you feel comfortable doing so.

It's been just over one year since George Floyd was murdered by a former Minneapolis police officer, and one year later we're more committed than ever to creating a world where true justice is real. 

That's why we're using our Justice Lab initiative to put racist policing on trial and expose stories of police violence.

During the months of April and May we filed 11 lawsuits in 10 weeks against police departments and individual officers for excessive force and racially discriminatory policing. 

We're suing on behalf of peaceful protestors who were violently attacked with tear gas and rubber bullets after George Floyd's murder, a woman who was tackled to the ground by police in front of her own home, a man who was stunned with a taser while fleeing an unjust arrest, and many others. 

We believe these cases present us with a real opportunity to challenge, and ultimately end, qualified immunity -- a dangerous policy that shields police officers from being held responsible for malfeasance. You can read about each of our 13 cases in more detail here.

But we know that we cannot achieve true justice through litigation alone, we need to empower communities to demand change and amplify the voices of those who have been harmed. Our Justice Lab initiative is committed to providing a platform for victims of police violence and their families to tell their stories. 

We've heard from folks like Javon Adams who has permanent disabilities due to being attacked by police, the family of Trayford Pellerin who was killed by police after being shot 10 times, and several others. You can read each of the stories we've gathered here.

The ultimate goal of our Justice Lab initiative is to help create a world where police are no longer immune from accountability and where no child has to grow up in fear of being targeted by the police. If you'd like to join us in this fight, help us spread the word!