The ACLU of Louisiana's Immigrant Rights Project (IRP) aims to work with community partners to document and expose the realities of immigration detention in Louisiana by creating partnerships among directly-impacted people, private in-house counsel and/or law firms, and law school clinics, to harness their talent and resources and provide pro bono relief in the form of parole application assistance, habeas petitions, and Civil Rights and Civil Liberty complaints (“CRCL”). 

The initiative seeks to educate the nation about the hard truths surrounding immigration detention in Louisiana, by telling the stories of individuals secreted away in nearly a dozen rural detention centers and deploying strategic litigation. Our goal is to be comprehensive - from investigating discriminatory policing practices in conjunction with the ACLU of Louisiana’s Justice Lab to bringing information and advocates into ICE detention centers via Know Your Rights presentations and stakeholder tours, to storytelling efforts focused on the lived experience of those who have experienced immigration detention. 

To get involved, contact Andrew Perry.

Learn more about our projects and past visits, read our collection of IRP blogs:

We’re Making Sure People in Immigration Detention Know Their Rights