Join us as we pack the court for voting rights on March 6th

We’re packing the court next week and ACLU supporters are invited.

We invite you to attend the oral argument of Chisom v. State of Louisiana, an important voting rights case that will determine the future of Black representation on the Louisiana Supreme Court.

The case will be heard on Monday, March 6, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit located at 600 Camp Street, New Orleans, 70130. The hearing will be held in the New Orleans East Courtroom, Room 223, on the second floor.


Chisom v. State of Louisiana arises from decades-old litigation instituted by Black voters in New Orleans who were being denied the opportunity to elect a candidate of their choice to the Louisiana Supreme Court. For over a century, the legislature diluted the power of Black voters by packing them into a voting district with parishes that all have majority white populations. After protracted litigation that reached the United States Supreme Court, the parties agreed to resolve the case by Consent Judgment, which mandated that a New Orleans-based voting district be created during the subsequent redistricting cycle.

If we lose this case, Black voters may lose any and all ability to elect a justice of their choice to the state’s highest court. This will turn the clock back to a page in our history where – for 179 years – Black people were not represented on the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Join us on March 6 as we pack the court to show our collective commitment to defending Black voters’ sacred Constitutional right to elect a Louisiana Supreme Court Justice.