Today we sent our annual open letter to the superintendents of all Louisiana public schools, reminding them that they may not legally discriminate against gay, lesbian, transgender, or genderqueer students’ participation in school activities, including school dances.

While our letter was sent only to traditional public school superintendents, the law applies to all publicly funded schools, including charters.

With prom season upon us, school superintendents and administrators should refresh their understanding of students’ rights under the law.  Students must be allowed to bring dates of the same sex to school dances, and may wear attire considered typical of any gender. Unequal treatment of LGBTQ+ students in policy or practice is unconstitutional.

In the letter, Executive Director Marjorie R. Esman writes: “In light of the clear law protecting students’ rights to bring dates of their choosing—and ultimately to marry who they choose—and to wear attire typical of either gender, I trust that students in your district will have a safe and happy prom season free from unlawful discrimination.”