The ACLU of Louisiana is committed to preserving the rights and freedoms of everyone in Louisiana. Our Muslim residents and visitors are no exception. We denounce President Trump’s bigoted, unconstitutional order barring refugees, immigrants, and travelers from certain Muslim-majority countries.

While the ACLU and other organizations challenge President Trump’s order in courts around the country, the ACLU of Louisiana commits to full support for the Muslims of Louisiana.

Many Louisianans are descended from Acadian refugees who sought a place to practice their Catholic faith in peace. Many others are descended from indigenous people and slaves whose religions—including Islam—were forcibly stripped from them.  Others have fled persecution of many sorts. With that history in mind, Louisiana must stand firm to protect people of all faiths. When government interferes with religion, and religious bigotry is allowed to become law, we all suffer.

Information about the rights of Muslims and immigrants may be found on our national website at