Newly released ACLU video conveys far-reaching impacts of redistricting process, educates community about historical struggle for voting rights

NEW ORLEANS – As Louisiana approaches the once-in-a-decade process of redistricting, the ACLU of Louisiana has launched a statewide campaign demanding fair maps from legislators and empowering community members to join the fight for equal representation. The new district maps, which are being drawn next February, will shape who represents Louisianans in Congress, the legislature, and many additional state, parish, and municipal offices until 2031. ACLU-LA recently launched a new video depicting the ongoing struggle for voting rights and how district lines can divide communities. 

“This year, the ACLU of Louisiana will be demanding a transparent and fair redistricting process that ensures all voters are fairly represented, regardless of their race or for whom they vote,” said Chris Kaiser, ACLU of Louisiana Advocacy Director. “In a democracy, voters should choose their representatives and every vote should count equally. But the truth is, the people of Louisiana have often been left out of the redistricting process, and too often, politicians have abused the map-drawing process to manipulate the outcome of elections. But this year can be different, and now is the time to hold our representatives accountable. We must ensure that fair representation for the people of our state is not sacrificed to partisan calculation and self-interest.”

Legislators in the United States have used redistricting throughout history to attack the right to vote and weaken the voting power of certain communities. Black people, in particular, have faced numerous obstacles to meaningful participation in the political process, including the redistricting process. Improper redistricting can result in unequal representation in voting districts, the dilution of the full voting power of minority voters, and fractured communities.

As the redistricting process kicks off, the ACLU of Louisiana’s fight for fair maps is well underway. The organization has already mobilized an action team of community members eager to join the fight, and yesterday the team hosted a virtual training session for those who are interested in submitting public testimony. On October 19, ACLU-LA will kick off the redistricting roadshow hearings with a community event in Shreveport, LA, to help explain redistricting and its far-reaching effects.

From now through February, the ACLU of Louisiana will be watching to ensure Louisiana’s representatives prioritize the people of this state, not politics, and heed the fundamental principles of democracy, representation, and equality. 

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