NEW ORLEANS — The following statement was issued by ACLU of Louisiana Executive Director Alanah Odoms in response to reporting of a leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade:

“If the Supreme Court does indeed issue a majority opinion along the lines of the leaked draft authored by Justice Alito, this could be a shattering blow to the right to access abortion in the United States, leaving even more people struggling to get the essential health care they need.

“Abortion bans are systemic discrimination and racism in action, and the impact of a decision like this will be profoundly harmful, especially for the people who already face unfair obstacles to health care — particularly Black and Brown people, people with disabilities, people living in rural areas, young people, undocumented people, and those having difficulty making ends meet. Forced pregnancy, especially in a country with the highest maternal mortality rate, is a grave violation of our human rights and dignity.

“But let’s be clear: right now, we are not defeated. Abortion is still legal, and we will keep fighting until every person, no matter where we live, how much money we make, or what we look like, has the freedom to make our own decisions about our lives and futures. We will not stand by silently while our rights are taken away.”