NEW ORLEANS – The ACLU of Louisiana issued the following statement regarding the amended emergency election plan, which severely limits the circumstances under which voters will be allowed to vote by mail. 

“We’re deeply concerned that by failing to meaningfully expand voting by mail, this plan would force many Louisianans to choose between casting a ballot and protecting their health,” said Alanah Odoms Hebert, ACLU of Louisiana executive director. “It is disappointing that just days after Wisconsin shocked the country by forcing voters to the polls amid a deadly outbreak, some Louisiana legislators are following their dangerous example. We urge Governor Edwards’ administration to reconsider their support for this plan and ensure every eligible voter has the option to vote by mail. There is no justification for limiting access to mail-in ballots. This plan will prevent many Louisianans from making their voices heard.”  

Specifically the ACLU of Louisiana has called for: 

  • Making absentee by mail voting available to every eligible voter in Louisiana.
  • Automatically distribute mail-in ballots to every voter eligible to cast one.
  • Requiring parish boards of election supervisors to notify voters of any signature mismatches or other technical defects in absentee by mail ballots and provide a timely opportunity to cure the defect.