BATON ROUGE – The ACLU of Louisiana, as part of Louisianans for Prison Alternatives, released the following statement regarding the Louisiana Senate’s passage of SB 389, which would roll back a number of the bipartisan criminal justice reforms passed last year. Among its provisions, it would allow the state to go back to incarcerating people for technical violations of probation and parole. 
“Tonight's rollback vote is a dangerous step backwards and an insult to the overwhelming majority of Louisianans who support these sensible, evidence-based reforms,” said Jane Johnson, ACLU of Louisiana interim executive director. “Let's be very clear: this legislation is a rollback – and our coalition stands united in opposing it. Instead of trying to drag us back to the failed policies that made Louisiana the prison capital of the world, lawmakers should stand with their constituents and protect these reforms that are making Louisiana stronger and safer.”